Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tractor Hat, Christmas present for George

Tractor Hat
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I knit this for my nephew George, who loves playing with tractors, especially John Deere tractors! He seemed to love the hat and wore it inside whenever he was playing with his farm set.

For his birthday in the fall, I'm going to knit him a Christmas stocking with this same tractor pattern.

The tractor pattern comes from the book Hat Heads. I improvised the rest of the design. Half way through the tractor pattern I learned how to twist the two strands on the back of the needle, which is good because there are several places where one color is carried over 8 stitches (that means long floats in the back of the hat.) The technique I learned prevents this.

The yarn is spud and chloe, so its a washable wool/cotton blend.

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Amy Rohl said...

I'm so happy that you posted a picture of the JD cap...it is just adorable and will be a keepsake for George!

Thanks again,