Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to the Kill a Watt

(this post was from another blog I started and posted to once.)

So I was reading about the Riot Austerity movement, which intended to reduce consumption by 90% over a year and I was inspired and after talking to Bonnie she was also inspired and excited. So I decided to start using the Kill-a-watt to see what electricity hogs there are in the house.

Reducing by 90%? That seems huge.

Granted not for transportation, as I bike everywhere and ride in a car perhaps once a week.

But as far as how much I throw away every week? Bonnie and I decided we definitely will weigh our garbage to see how much we are throwing out each week.

Bonnie is excited by this but I don't know about Steven. We'll see how reacts this week...

Heating fuel. That's where we are going to be screwed as we rent a 100 year old house and our landlords are not interested in improving or insulating this house. So what can you do? Cut back on garbage and buying new goods, I guess.

Food: We should be ahead here as we are vegetarian and eat alot of organic, locally grown food from a CSA.

the Kill-a-watt
so I started the Kill-a-watt tonight (at 6pm) on the new computer desk (that Steven bought used from Sun.) Actually, Steven of course, is as green as I am just in different ways, he bought the desks and the couches downstairs, both used.