Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring and a compost bin

We got a compost bin! I'm so excited! I put it together last night after work and then this morning, I cleaned up the garden and found a place for the bin and started filling it with leaves from last fall and food scraps. I want to paint it. I want to paint purple spirals and a green man on the top and perhaps a unicorn too. Its just all dark plastic and I want it to look less like dark plastic.

I biked for awhile today it was so beautiful out (and 70 degrees). I biked down along the cherry creek bike path down towards REI and then biked off west. There were many bikes out and kayakers too.

Last Wednesday as I was biking along the Platter river I saw this robin and I was so excited I said "Hi Robin!" out loud and completely unselfconsciously. It was an amazing faerie/hippie moment. Then as I continued biking I saw three more robins. I did not speak to them however. I did wave.