Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gandalf's Ski Tuque

Fake Isle Hat
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I give you "Gandalf's Ski Tuque". Everyone else's knitting project names on Ravelry are much fancier than mine, so I figured its time to step up the Naming Embellishments!

Gandalf's Decreases
(Steven has taken possession of Gandalf's Tuque.)

I finished this up a couple days ago. Its from a pattern called "Fake Isle", because you are supposed to use 2 colors of yarn, one of which changes color on its own, so the colorwork looks even fancier than it is.

The stranded decreases were cool, but were a bit too wide at places. I had to carry the white floats behind 8 stitches in a couple places, not fun!

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Amy Rohl said...

I love reading your posts, crack me up!