Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stranded Knitting

Stranded Hats I started knitting two-handed! (Also known as Stranded Knitting) Its a good way to knit with two different colors of yarn: you hold one color (usually the main color for rh people) in the right hand and one color in the left and alternate knitting between your two hands, making a pattern. Its pretty fun. I kind of thought I'd be tense and nervous the whole time I was knitting with two hands, like when I first started knitting, but it was just pretty much relaxing and fun. You just knit a couple times from the left hand, then the right, nothing to worry about. Sweet! Now on to the Norwegian Sweaters!

Stranded Knitting


Frank said...

Well, I got to see the green and yellow one... they're both beautiful! Thanks for coming to knit with us this afternoon!

Frank said...
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Amy Rohl said...

These are just awesome, Bart!

I can't believe you didn't tell me/us about your blog! Will be checking in on you regularly...

Love you,