Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Sock, so lonely...

First Sock
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Notice the singular. Now I understand second sock syndrome. This is just a bootie sock, there are only about 2 inches of rib before I started the heel flap. The heel, turning the heel and picking up stitches were all a blast! I loved the tricky parts. Then I got to the foot, and knitting that seemed to take forever, around and around and around: granted I have large feet... Then I finished the toes, and suddenly the socks looked like mitten tops! I'll have to add the picture, it made me want to knit a pair of mittens. And on to the second sock, but--these kind of sag at the ankles so I may make a new pair with a smaller weight yarn. This was worsted: cascade 220, on size 6 needles..

It was a fun project, especially learning the new tricky parts, but it also made me think, I have a lot (A LOT) of wool socks from REI already, whereas what I really need is to knit some gloves and a sweater or two. And maybe I will come back to knitting socks in the spring and summer when small light weight knitting projects are handy.

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Frank said...

I've done a couple pairs of socks and the only ones I wear are the big hiking socks that are extremely warm. I don't even know where the second pair is - maybe I ripped them out - maybe I didn't do the second sock - I have to say that I definitely didn't get hooked on socks and can't see doing them again anytime soon. The one you did looks good though!