Monday, January 11, 2010

Socks, again

Woodsman Sock
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My latest project is the Woodsmans Socks, from Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting Around. These are thick, heavy wool socks. I'm using Cascade eco-wool, which is undyed and minimally processed.

Woodsmans Sock

I finished the first sock, it fits both Steven and I. Its very warm and surprisingly soft. I immediately cast on the second sock last night (best defense against single sock syndrome) so hopefully we'll have a finished pair of socks this week.

I've been on a double pointed needles kick, My last three projects have been skinny tube/dpn projects. And I'm really kind of enjoying it. People have all sorts of strategies for avoiding the use of dpns, including magic loop and knitting on 2 circular needles. Perhaps its because when I knit with dpns I use warm and more flexible wood needles instead of the nickel plated circs, but my hands seem to be enjoying the switch too.

I've seen a lot of archival pictures of knitters walking around, fetching water, etc. while knitting socks or mittens on a set of dpns. There was a device called a gully hook that you wore on your belt and it held your ball of yarn and you were free to walk around while knitting. Multitasking didn't start with the computer.

The project on Ravelry.

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