Wednesday, August 1, 2007

camping, fiddle lesson, csa

We (Steven, Bonnie and I) went camping up in the Poudre Canyon over the weekend. We had car trouble fri and had to stay overnight at Steven's dad's house and then borrowed his jeep on Saturday. It was a fun experience, we just car-camped up in the Roosevelt Natl Forest and hung out around a campfire in the evenings, (Bonnie's very talented with camp fires, just so you know.) We broiled veggies wrapped in tinfoil (buried in the coals.) They were so good cooked that way (green beans, potatoes, summer squash, red onions all from the CSA).

Sunday we came home, and I harvested the first big haul of tomatoes and jalapenos.

On Monday night I had my first fiddle lesson in years. I'd been really looking forward to it too. It was kindly disappointing. We basically went over my bad, self-taught fiddle form, (no hold your thumb this way, no bend your right thumb,) and then she had to take a cell phone call in the middle of the lesson, WTF? Granted changing habits will be good and make playing easier, but its still lame.

Last night we got a huge haul from the CSA Farm, including 3 muskmelons and 4 watermelons. (that would be the full shares weeks supply.)

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