Sunday, July 15, 2007

Books on Deck ...

books to read

okay I may be pushing my luck putting the rise and fall of the third reich and A Peoples Tragedy, those books are huge. I also need to re-read Vonnegut soon. (He was sort of my high school sweet heart.)

I just finished Death in the Haymarket, which was really good and really depressing. There was great momentum in the 1880s for an eight hour day, thousands and thousands of people were on a general strike, and many, many major employees had given in to their unions and given them 10 hours pay for eight hours work even, and then a bomb went off in the midst of the police who were illegally and stupidly breaking up a peaceful demonstration in the Haymarket district. This bomb kicked of the first red scare in the US and killed the 8 hour day until 1938.

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mlantz said...

Harry Potter was good - I was actually able to read it over a weekend. I'm reading Paul Starr's "Freedom's Power, The True Force of Liberalism."