Thursday, August 9, 2007

I shaved the 3 week beard


Yes, I shaved the 3 week beard. I couldn't take it anymore. (hmm maybe the august heat had something to do with that?) It felt so patriarchal or something. It's kind of strange how much a simple beard affects ones identity. On one hand it made me feel pretty non-mainstream, un-middle class, which was cool. (People definitely treat you differently. In walgreens I was the crazy misanthrope with the beard, the cashier said: here let me do that for you, when I fumbled swiping my card.) But it wasn't really the sub-cultures I'm into. Ah, the strange worlds of beard culture: from hippies, to daddies, to orthodox patriarchy and wild crazy-eyed mountain men. Okay, now I'm starting to miss it. But as my co-workers say, "Oh, Bart, the beards just 2 weeks away," and I still want to be blackbeard for Halloween ...

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