Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knitting Stash: an app for Android

I've been doing more programming than knitting lately. What have I been working on? Why a knitting app, of course. It is for android phones. It has sections for keeping track of your projects, your knitting needles and crochet hooks, and also a section for row counters. Here are some screenshots:

knittingstash project view

knittingstash knitting needle list

Here's the QR code to download the app from the Android Market if that's how you roll:


Chris said...

visiting from your sister's blog. what a creative family you are. I can't read code for apps but I love that you knit and have a cat seamus - I have a huge orange tabby named Shamus (my hubby spells it the way you do, but what does he know).
keep clicking them needles.

Lisa said...

OK, did you knit Steven's sweater? I'm so embarrassed. But I did learn to purl the way you wanted me to, and it's SO much better - and faster. I'm knitting again. And cabling because of the scarf you were knitting for mom! I was bragging about you in a knitting store yesterday, and the clerk asked for your blog. Her son knits and is worried that it's not cool enough. So I just sent your blog to her...